It’s Playoff Time!

Well it has been far too long since my last post and with the NFL Playoffs gearing up today, now’s the time to get back into it.

The Saints and Seahawks Kick off the NFL Playoffs Saturday Afternoon

The Saints will travel to Seattle’s Qwest Field and take on the the sub .500 Seahawks to open up the 2010-11 NFL Playoffs. It’s no stretch to say this game is being considered the easiest to predict with the biggest chance of a blowout.

The defending Super Bowl Champs are currently favored by double digits over the Seahawks. Their 12 wins would have been good enough to win any division other than the NFC South and also would have earned them a first round bye. They are one of the best 5 seeds of all time and they are going up against the Seahawks who are the first team to ever win their division with a record under .500 (7-9).

Brees Looks To Lead The Saints To A 2nd Straight Super Bowl Berth

This game is all about Drew Brees. If the Seahawks can somehow limit/contain him, they may have a prayer. The best thing they have going for them is their home field advantage.  Qwest Field is one of, if not the, hardest place for visitors to play because of how loud it gets. The Seahawks need their fans as much as possible, which means they’ll have to keep it close or the fans will be taken out of it.

With Pierre Thomas and Chris Ivory on injured reserve, that leaves only Reggie Bush and Julius Jones to carry the reigns in the running game. The team also signed Deshawn Wynn after Thomas was put on IR. With only 373 yards between Jones and Bush in the regular season, that certainly opens the door for Brees to throw the ball early and often.

As I said, I think this game starts and ends with Brees. He’s thrown a TD in every game this season, one of only seven to do so since the league went to a 16 game schedule in 1978. Fortunately he’s also thrown an interception in 12 straight games which I think leaves the door open for the Seahawks, albeit barely. With the absence of a running game, I think Brees will throw the ball about 45 times, approach 400 yards, and have at least 3 TDs. The only way this game is close is if the Seahawks are able to force Brees to throw at least 2 INTs and get another 2 turnovers. I don’t think that will happen.

Prediction: Saints – 37    Seahawks – 17

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